TELAMETAL is a major player in the raw materials distribution sector; partner of large producers with responsible behavior both economically and environmentally.

We have carried out an environmental impact study which shows that our activity is low polluting and has no significant impact. We are continuing our approach to help reduce the depletion of natural resources – wood – by limiting our paper consumption and by developing dematerialization using IT tools.

We have decided to broaden our approach to stakeholders and interested parties, on whom we can have an influence on their environmental behavior – zone of influence 1st level We will encourage our suppliers to work for the respect of the environment. A supplier evaluation and approval procedure will enable them to be monitored in their environmental approach.

We are committed to preventing any risk of pollution as a result of our activity and to implementing a policy of continuous improvement, to applying and enforcing the procedures and provisions put in place by providing the means suited to the objectives set. The success and effectiveness of a business depend on the effort and work of each of us. Your experience and seniority are assets to successfully complete this task.

A Q.S.E. has been appointed who reports directly to me. The entire TELAMETAL team is assured of my support in carrying out its task, with the various stakeholders